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eValor - Consultoria e Serviços, Lda. is an independent company that provides services, specialized in valuation and management of assets.

This company was incorporated in 2000 by one of its current partners, who, since 1994, had been working exclusively as a liberal professional, having adopted the designation of eValor - Consultoria Imobiliária, Unipessoal, Lda..

In 2012, with the entry of a new partner, the company started to have the current corporate structure and designation.

The company is headquartered in Porto, Portugal, and its activity is mainly developed in the northern and central areas of the country.




In the development of the eValor activity and in its relationship with clients, the following objectives will be sought:

  • safeguarding independence in the provision of services to public entities, private companies or individuals

  • be competitive in the services to be delivered and that these translate into added value for customers

  • contributing to an efficient market economy that promotes economic growth and social cohesion

  • meet and comply with all legislation, standards and best practices at National and European level related to the services to be provided

  • development of the activity in accordance with what is established in its "Code of Conduct" and with the rules defined by the entities, associations and organizations to which the partners and company belong




The values that eValor professionals consider to be the structuring principles for the development of their activity are the following:


  • independence - promoting the independence of eValor and all those who represent it, not acting in situations where it is not guaranteed or where there may be conflicts of interests

  • professionalism - development of the activity fulfilling all the principles and professional rules, adopting a posture appropriate to the environment in which it operates and promoting the continuous development of technical and human skills

  • transparency – objective exposition of the grounds on which the opinions are based, clearly presenting and justifying all the procedures and assumptions that support the conclusions

  • confidentiality - commitment to clients to maintain confidentiality on all information provided, and undertakes not to disclose and use that information for their own benefit or third parties

  • rigor - to know and promote the application of National and European standards that relate to the services to be provided

  • efficiency - adoption of procedures guided by principles of efficiency and economic rationality, also promoting the adoption of practices that mitigate the effects arising from the activity developed on the environment



Since its inception, eValor has provided services in asset valuation and management. The evaluations were carried out for various purposes, and the services were provided to public entities, companies or individuals.


eValor’s professionals have the technical knowledge and grasp of National and European legislation and norms in the scope of the evaluation of real estate and other assets. One of eValor's professionals has more than 25 years of professional experience in valuation.

Professional Associations

Professional Associations

eValor, or its partners, are members, registered or certified with the following entities:


  • Portuguese Order of Engineers (OE)

  • Association of Engineering Valuation Experts (APAE)

  • Portuguese Securities Market Commission (CMVM)

  • Association of Official Experts of the Portuguese Ministry of Justice (PAOJ)

  • List of Official Experts of the Portuguese Ministry of Justice

  • List of Official Experts of the Portuguese Ministry of Finance

Quality and Environment

Quality and Environment


eValor has permanent installations designed to allow an efficient management of the workflows and equipped with the technical means appropriate to the services it provides. It also has internal workflow management procedures, from its planning to its revision and completion, through which it seeks to ensure all the resources necessary for its execution.


This company has also implemented mechanisms to evaluate and verify the processes to promote the improvement of workflow management procedures.


The technical resources available at eValor are configured and adapted to the services it provides. It also has at its disposal a library of resources, in physical and digital format, organized and cataloged, composed of technical books, national and international standards and regulations and legislation.


At eValor, efforts have been made to implement a quality management system to its future certification in accordance with ISO 9001 standards.



eValor seeks efficiency in the use of resources. This principle, in addition to economic reasons, also underlies a concern to mitigate the environmental effects of the activity developed.

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

eValor has its own code of conduct which identifies the principles which the company, and all professionals acting on its behalf, undertake in the development of its activity.


The code of conduct of eValor can be found here.


The professionals of eValor also adopt the codes of ethics and conduct of the associations that they integrate.

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