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eValor conducts valuations of several types of assets and for various purposes.


The valuations that the eValor carries out are grouped into three large groups, adopting for each of them the most appropriate methodologies and respecting the established in the National and European standards in force.


eValor is qualified and has the necessary technical knowledge to carry out the following valuations:


i. Valuations that have as objective the determination of the market value of assets, such as those intended to:


  • buy and sell

  • mergers, acquisitions or spin-offs of companies

  • revaluation of assets

  • inheritance sharing

  • accord and satisfaction


ii. Valuations for specific purposes, framed by National and European standards or regulations, such as those intended to:


  • mortgage loans guarantee

  • real estate investment funds

  • real estate assets of pension funds

  • coverage of technical provisions of insurance companies


iii. Administrative assessments or determined by procedures promoted by the public administration, such as those intended to:


  • expropriations

  • determination of tributary values

  • capital increases in kind

  • equalization in urban planning operations




eValor provides consulting services in the following areas:


  • technical expertise services

  • analysis and auditing of real estate portfolios, with an aim to identify alternative procedures and / or uses that increase their profitability

  • technical assistance in the management of real estate portfolios

  • technical analysis and evaluation of interventions to remodel or requalify real estate

  • inventory of assets and cadastral analysis

  • accompaniment and document management of procedures for declaring the public utility of assets

  • elaboration of "bases of valuation" to be adopted in mass valuations of assets of a different nature

  • analysis and modeling of costs and income with a view to the management (or valuation) of assets affected by economic exploitation

Asset Management

Asset Management

eValor provides asset management services, with the following interventions in this area:

  • management of lease agreements

  • planning, programming and promotion of maintenance interventions

  • analysis of alternative uses

  • cost-benefit analyzes

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